Current Regional Center EB-5 Projects

Some highlights of the newest Regional Center EB-5 Projects:

MasterCard Mansion Project

  • MasterCard Mansion on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York
  • Sample Form I-924 petition for this project has been approved by USCIS (Best safeguard for I-526 approvals)
  • Construction work has begun in Sept., 2013, completion is estimated by the end of 2015
  • EB-5 funds account for 29% of total investment, and bank loans account for 49%
  • All office spaces have been pre-leased.
  • The new job creation number is 1.5 time higher than that of the EB-5 requirement
  • Total EB-5 units: 70
  • EB-5 investment amount per unit: $500,000
  • Return of capital (loan model): 5 years from date of funds release from escrow account
  • Return on loan: 0.25% interest annually.

Four Season Hotel Project (only limited units left)

  • An 82-story New York City skyscraper accommodating a luxury hotel and condo units
  • Located next to the World Financial Center in the Financial District, Manhattan
  • Total investment: $930 million, of which EB-5 funds will account for 27%
  • The EB-5 funds will be used to pay back a portion of the already-secured bank loans for the project
  • Developed in collaboration with top U.S. developers, a world-class luxury hotel management team, and renowned architect
  • EB-5 investment amount: $500,000.
  • Regional Center Administration Fee: $50,000
  • Period of Investment (loan): 5 years from date of funds release from escrow account
  • Return on loan: 0.25% interest annually

These project offer unparalleled strength in both return of funds assurance and Green Card attainment assurance.

Return of funds assurance:

  • Project was started in September 2013
  • Contractor-Controlled Insurance Program and Project Completion Insurance provide double safeguard for investment
  • First Priority Mortgages
  • Acquisition premium of the project has been ensured so that investment funds will be returned after the expiration of the five-year loan

Green Card attainment assurance:

  • Adequate job creation opportunity: the construction jobs alone are sufficient to meet the job creation requirement for EB-5 immigration, not counting the hotel operation job opportunities

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