L-1A Intracompany Transferee: Executive or Manager

The L-1A classification is a nonimmigrant visa available to qualifying individuals seeking to work for an employer in the United States who meet certain requirements. The general requirements are as follows:

  • L-1A beneficiary has worked full-time in an executive or managerial capacity for at least one continuous year within the past 3 years at a foreign organization with which the prospective U.S. employer has a qualifying relationship (affiliates, branch-headquarters, or parent-subsidiary)
  • L-1A beneficiary is seeking to work for the U.S. employer in an executive or managerial capacity
  • Both the U.S. employer and the foreign company are actively doing business
  • L-1A beneficiary’s prior education, training, and work experience qualifies him/her to perform the proposed services in the United States.

Advantages of the L-1A visa

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L-1A Procedures, Application Process, and Fees