Advantages of the L-1A Visa

There are myriad advantages that L-1 visas have over other types of nonimmigrant visas. The following is just a selection of these advantages for both beneficiaries and petitioners:

  • Benefits for the whole family: The beneficiary’s spouse and children under 21 can accompany the beneficiary in L-2 status
    • The spouse can apply for employment authorization to work with any U.S. employer
    • Children can attend U.S. public school
  • Pathway to Green Card and “Dual Intent”: L-1 visa holder and their dependents may easily apply for lawful permanent residency (green card status) without endangering their L visa status
    • L-1 visa status can act as a “stepping stone” towards attaining a green card
    • Having L-1 status when applying for a green card in this way provides a much stronger case than if L-1 status had not been obtained
    • Pathway to Green Card through L-1A is shorter and quicker compared to other avenues
    • No need to undergo the lengthy and costly labor certification process in order to apply for a green card
  • No need to file an LCA or meet a prevailing wage requirement (lower overhead for companies)
  • Short processing time (Currently 1 month for regular processing and 15 days for premium processing, for an additional fee)
  • Petitioning U.S. company can have no employees and no income upon L-1 filing if beneficiary comes to U.S. to open a new office (one year L-1 visa period)
  • U.S. company does not need to be in the same industry as the foreign company.
  • No statutory minimum requirement for capital contribution in the U.S. company
  • Petition can be filed anytime (no quota limit issue)
  • No statutory minimum requirement for age or educational background of the beneficiary

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