EB-5 Cost Breakdown

From the immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur (I-526) filing to the eventual obtainment of a permanent green card, the total cost (including investment principal and all fees) is approximately $600,000 or around RMB 3.725 million Yuan. The total cost of investment immigration can be broken down into four parts:

1. Principal invested: $1,000,000 or $500,000 if in state-designated targeted employment area (TEA)

2. Regional Center administrative fee (if applicable): $45,000 – $55,000

3. Attorney’s fees: Depends on the complexity of the cases. The attorney fees cover the entirety of the process from initial filing to obtaining the unconditional Permanent Resident, usually for the duration of 3-4 years. Please contact our office at (925) 482-6008.

4. Government fees. (Note: The following fees are subject to change; Below figures are for Chinese investors)
4.1 I-526 application. USCIS filing fee: $1500
4.2A (Not in U.S.) Guangzhou consulate immigrant visa interview
4.2A.1 U.S. State Department NVC visa fee: $405/person
4.2A.2 USCIS visa fee: $165/person
4.2A.3 Medical Examinations (paid by applicant directly)
(1) Beijing: RMB 880/adult; RMB 600/child
(2) Shanghai: RMB 1100/adult; RMB 640/child
(3) Fujian: RMB 1200/adult; RMB 800/child
(4) Guangdong: RMB 900/adult; RMB 500/child
4.2B (in U.S. already) I-485 application to adjust status.
4.2B.1 USCIS filing fee: $985/person (applicants 14 and over)
4.2B.2 USCIS biometric fee: $85/person (applicants between 14 and 78)
4.2B.3 USCIS filing fee: $635/person (applicants under 14)
4.3 I-829 permanent green card application
4.3.1 USCIS filing fee: $3750/family
4.3.2 USCIS biometric fee: $85/person (regardless of age)

Summary of government fees for a family of three, child dependent over 14 (assume RMB: USD of 6.25:1):
Family inside U.S.: $8715
Family outside U.S., Beijing medical exam: $7590

Summary of all fees: For investment in a state-designated targeted employment area (TEA), total fees are capped at roughly $600,000.

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