★ FY2018 H-1B Summary

Our office has received Approvals for all of our initial H-1B petitions in the 2018 fiscal year H-1B season but for one pending non-PP case. Our years of experience and constant observation of USCIS adjudication standards have led to straightforward approvals without an RFE for most of our H-1B cases.

Similarly, 100% of our H-1B Transfer cases are approved. We have filed for a startup company, of which the H-1B beneficiary is a 33% shareholder. In response to the RFE, we duly clarified the employer-employee relationship and Beneficiary’s employee status and received the approval shortly afterwards. Also, we helped the U.S. subsidiary of a multinational Chinese company petition a non-premium processing H-1B transfer case and received final approval in mere 10 calendar days.

For the 2018 H-1B season, we have successfully helped many startups and small companies obtaining H-1B Approvals for their employees, in a variety of positions such as Accountants, Marketing Specialists, Software QA Engineers, Service Engineers, Marketing Editors, and even Graphic Designer positions with a low prevailing wage of under $40,000. We continue to encourage small business owners and startup entrepreneurs to consult with us for their employment visa needs before considering it impossible due to company size or revenue level and losing their right to hire qualified foreign professionals.