★ 2015 Updates on our H1B cases

2015 H1B Updates

June 25, 2015
We received the our first approval of the 2015 H1B season. (Non-Premium Process, Master-Cap from CSC)

May 4, 2015
USCIS announced completion of Data Entry of 2016 H1B Cap-Subject Petitions and receipt generation: link to USCIS

May 4, 2015
Our office received 5 more H-1B receipts from USCIS, totaling 10 lottery selections in the 2016 H1B random selection subject-to-cap lottery. Our lucky winners include U.S. Bachelor’s degree graduates and non-U.S. educated graduates via regular processing with the California Service Center.

April 27, 2015
Our office had received 5 H-1B receipts from USCIS, all of them are Master’s Cap, non-Premium Processing, with the California Service Center.

The following is a summary of this year’s H-1B season:

  1. The 2 last-minute petitions we filed, received by USCIS on April 7, were selected.
  2. USCIS received a record-breaking 233,000 H-1B petitions this year.  A lottery system is used to select the required 20,000 Master’s Cap and 65,000 Regular Cap (Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent) petitions. We anticipate the results to gradually roll out until July.

We will continue to update once we receive more information.